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AC/DC Open Frame Power Supply (PSU), Medical, 1 Output, 40W @ 200LFM, 25 W, 90V AC to 264V AC

  • Product type: AC / DC Open Frame Power Supplies
  • Product variants: No other variants available. No other names.
  • Product Range: NPS20-M Series
  • No. of Outputs: 1 Output
  • Output Power Max: 25W
  • Input Voltage VAC: 90V AC to 264V AC
  • Input Voltage AC Max: 264V
  • Input Voltage AC Min: 90V
  • Power Supply Approvals: Medical
  • Power Supply Output Type: Adjustable, Fixed
  • Output Current - Output 1: 520mA
  • Output Voltage - Output 1: 48VDC
  • Power Rating (Forced Cooling): 40W @ 200LFM
  • Power Rating (Convection Cooling): 25W
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